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Project Aims

The aim of this project is to produce a simulation of the Compukit UK101 computer that is capable of running original UK101 programs. In particular it is an aim to be able to run the Premier Publications Invaders space invaders game, which ought to be a good test of a working system.

The project has been written in Java to enable it to run easily on most systems and the user interface elements have been written as simple Java Swing interfaces.

Current Status

The project provides a fairly complete emulation of a standard UK101. The default configuration has 8KB of RAM and an original 16 row by 48 column video display. It is fitted with the original BASIC ROMs and the New Monitor (or MONUK02) monitor ROM. Many of these parameters can be changed via a set of configuration properties.

Ohio Scientific Superboard II

The UK101 was heavily based on and very similar to the US Ohio Scientific Superboard II machine. By using the ROM images from the Superboard and setting the correct keyboard and video configuration this simulation will work as an OSI machine and run programs for the Superboard. A suitable set of ROMs and a sample set of configuration properties can be be found in the samples/superboard directory.

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